Get a trusted home inspector in Lancaster, OH

If you're considering purchasing a home, it's important to have all the facts first. After all, your safety and long term finances are on the line! That's why you need a qualified inspector who can answer critical questions such as:

•Is the foundation in good repair?
•What's the expected lifespan of the roof?
•Is the electrical system up to code?

At Home Inspection Services of Lancaster, you'll have all of these questions answered for peace of mind prior to entering any home buying negotiations.

 Better inspections one home at a time

With Home Inspection Services of Lancaster, you'll receive a home inspection report that's authentic and stands up to critical examination. HISL's founder, Merwyn Bowdish, has built a strong reputation one inspection at a time, with credentials including:

•Graduated of American Home Inspectors Master Course
•Successfully passed National Home Inspectors Exam, which is used in many states to certify Home Inspectors
•Completed mentorship program in home inspection
•Experienced in home building industry
•Dedicated to adhering to the Standards of Practice of the National Association of Home Inspectors

Call Home Inspection Services of Lancaster at (740) 215-7201 to discover a higher level of home inspection!