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If you're considering buying a home, the first company to call is Home Inspection Services of Lancaster. HISL has spent years building up a strong reputation throughout southern and central Ohio with authentic home inspections. With HISL, you'll know you're receiving an inspection that's both thorough and reliable.

Have issues that the cant be seen in a basic visual inspection?

Have issues that the cant be seen in a basic visual inspection?

HISL now provides Infrared Thermography services

In today’s world, technology is helping us discover more underlying issues within homes that most inspectors cannot see. More issues are occurring each year that involve excessive amounts of moisture, mold, poor indoor air quality, and other issues as a result of were building techniques and the latest construction materials.

HIS of Lancaster is able to discover these issues with the recent addition of Infrared Thermography. As a Certified Residential Thermographer, HISL can use an infrared camera to discover issues we may not be able to see with a typical visual inspection. Plumbing leaks, roof leaks, leaks around windows, and missing insulation can be discovered with an IR camera that cannot be seen with a basic visual inspection.

Need a Pest Nest Test?

Ants marching? Termites chewing? Mold growing?

Are you worried your future residence could be home to uninvited guests in the form of a termites, carpenter ants or mold spores?

Don’t risk inheriting a bug infestation or another big problem! With an inspection from Home Inspection Services of Lancaster, you’ll be given an expert assessment of problems both seen and unseen. You can hire us to check any home for future issues, including:

• Termite colonies
• Carpenter ant colonies
• Insect-related structural damage

We also contract with top quality radon and mold testing companies!

Don’t settle for a second rate inspection. Contact Home Inspection Services of Lancaster at (740) 215-7201 for your professional home inspection in Lancaster & Columbus, OH!